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LM Bryant Consulting has positioned itself to be a go-to resource for personable consulting and life-coaching, dynamic, needs-based workshops and captivating motivational speeches to K-12 schools, higher education, small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals with an emphasis on creating change agents. 


Diagnostic Options

Strategic Planning

Culture Diagnostic Program (CDP)

Town Halls


Prescriptive Options




Life Coaching

Diversity Training

Title IX Training

Motivational/Inspirational Speakers

Greek/Pan-Hellenic Weekend (3 day package-custom designed based upon the needs of the GLO culture)

​​Culture Diagnostic Program (CDP)

Culture Diagnostic Program (CDP), is a program which is typically divided into three phases, that uses various diagnostic tools, meetings and interviews to assess the culture of the Greek Letter Organizations and to determine needs based strategies.

Strategic Planning

This five year, four phase process, which is more extensive than the Culture Diagnostic Program (CDP), includes interviews and meetings with not only members and administrators of Greek Life but also non-Greek students and administrators that do not oversee GLO students.  

Motivational/Inspirational Speakers

The team of LM Bryant Consulting is available to provide motivational and inspirational speeches on topics which include:

  • Greek Life

  • Leadership

  • Self-Esteem

  • Financial

  • Religious

  • Team Building

  • Relationships