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"You Are Enough: Keeping It 100 With Yourself 2.0" is a book/journal that encourages people of all ages to face the potentially paralyzing traps of their past and/or present that could prevent them from living the life that they were created to live. The goal is to empower them by providing strategies to overcome those traps and a journal for them to track their progress, documenting their thoughts along the journey.

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Book Club

You asked for it! From April 15th -May 3rd, click the button below to sign up to be a part of the "You Are Enough Book Club" and to purchase your autographed book for $15. Join a book club community as they discuss the book at length. Ask the author questions about the book’s background. For more information, please contact us at

PS. If you have already purchased my book, just sign up. I will see on May 4th.

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